Sarkozy: Foucauldian?

In this interview the philosopher Michel Onfray interviews Nicolas Sarkozy and cheekily gives him a book by Foucault at the end.

“Do you really think that my situation is that bad?” protests Sarkozy…

An exchange

O: As our meeting comes to an end, I would like to give you some useful gifts before we leave. (He gives Sarkozy four parcels.)

S (amused): Do you really think that my situation is that bad?

(Sarkozy unwraps the books, while Onfray comments on his choice.)

O: I give you Totem and Taboo because Freud talks about the murder of the father and the exercise of power in the herd. Then, ‘Antéchrist by Nietzsche because of his radical critique of Christian morals – for you who sometimes goes to church with your family. I also recommend Michel Foucault to you, particularly in your role as interior minister, where you are fond of disciplinarian solutions . . . In Surveiller et punir, Foucault analyses the jail system and its relationship with the liberal norm. And finally Proudhon, because he shows that, if one is not a capitalist, it doesn’t necessarily mean one is a communist.


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