About blog: News, commentary, reviews and discussion of the work of Michel Foucault.

About Jeremy: I am at Georgia State University. I do have a webpage where you can read a little about my interests. Yes, I like champagne.


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  1. Right on!

    I look forward to learning!

  2. Great site! Can we make requests for topics?

  3. Please do. Not sure I’ll always be able to comply, but maybe it could be a joint effort. I’ve thought of this as eventually being a kind of group blog, with several editors.

  4. I guess I’ve been most recently curious about Foucauldian method (gasp!, assuming that there is something re-producible about Foucault’s ability to re-historicize particular power-knowledge relationships) and how it might be situated within or in conversation with the critiques of science and science studies offered by Haraway and Latour (as well as Chrisman, Schuurman, Barnes, Sheppard, etc., within geography). I find the technoscience studies of Haraway particularly useful in theorizing subject formation (when read with Butler’s performativity), but wonder how Foucault’s writings on subjectivity depart from notions of an iterative subject or a cyborgian subject. Both are imbued with power, but also seem to have an (objective) agency capable of transcending histories as well as geographies of these power-relations.

  5. I’m wondering about method myself …. these two books currently on my reading lists were aimed particularly at looking at the MF & method question:
    – Foucault, M. 2000. Aesthetics, method and epistemology. New York: Penguin Books.
    – Olssen, M. 2006. Michel Foucault: Materialism and education. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers
    Haven’t got to them yet, but I’ve also got a whole science studies list, so we’ll see how they all come together…

  6. I’m adding you to my blogroll and will be checking back in to learn more about Foucault. Thanks for the linkage!

  7. Good blog. Will be ordering the book. My own PhD work is around a governmentality of higher education, obviously using Foucault extensively for my theoretical framework, as well as methodological strategy. Ted

  8. Hi, I’am an anthropologist in Guatemala, I would like to quote in a forthcoming book that I am writing the note “Key term: conduct of Conduct” , please tell me if the author “Jeremy” is Crampton Jeremy in order to make a correct quotation, please.

    Thank you,


  9. Ivan,

    Yes it would if you are referring to this post except my name is Jeremy Crampton..

  10. Question: The quality of my English is rather uneven. If I ever feel like writing a comment , would you mind if I do it in French? I promise to write mainly in English, but it is sometimes difficult to express a nuanced thought in a foreign language.

  11. No I don’t mind though perhaps you can provide it in both French and an English translation.

  12. Dear Jeremy Crampton,
    European Conference on: « Psychiatric and judicial cultures : rereading Michel Foucault », will be held in Paris on the 15th and 16th September 2008.
    Recent controversy in France and other European countries over the psychiatric evaluation and level of criminal responsibility of people with mental health problems has lead us to believe that more discussion of this question is urgently required.
    We have brought together a multi-disciplinary group of experts: philosophers, jurists, psychiatrists and historians, as well as representatives from European mental health service users organizations.
    The conference will take place at the Grande Halle de La Villette , with simultaneous translation from English to French, and radio broadcasting. The Hall seats approximately one thousand people.
    Best regards
    Philippe Chevallier (Paris)
    Consultant Colloque Foucault, EPPGHV

  13. Think you that Pier Paolo Pasolini and Fassbinder, in your work, was influencied by Foucault?

  14. could you please send my email to ivan castillo mendez i will be greatfully. sorry the last one is incorrect

  15. hi, i’m a mamber of a study group of university of urbino – italy.
    our interests are related to authors like agamben, esposito, dal
    lago, zizek, and most of all foucault. some of us also wrote thesis on foucault and bio – politics. we’re starting a blog here in wordpress, and could be interesting to keep in touch.
    our address is : http://festivaldelluomo.wordpress.com

  16. Hi, sorry for the sudden jump in.
    I was about to make a paper on Foucault’s Panopticon and bumped into your blog.
    Keep rockin!

  17. nice intelligent site, thanks. My thesis included a chapter on the altercation between Foucault and Derrida, this brings back memories – I’ll put it on my roll…

    Andrew Rossiter

  18. Jeremy,

    I agree with the others: a wonderful site here with lots of room for intellectual exchanges.

    I’ve started my own ‘deleuzecanada’ blog dedicated to application of deleuzian theory to poetry and poetics. If you happen to have encountered other deleuzians out there with a specialized interest in literary theory, could you please pass them on to me? Would be greatly appreciated.

    And drop by my site, in its infancy still.

  19. Two recent volumes which I recommend, despite or because of being a contributor…

    Folie et justice : relire Foucault.
    Edited by Philippe Chevallier and Tim Greacan.

    Papers from a large international public conference at La Villete in Paris, prompted by recent French legislation of preventive detention. http://www.editions-eres.com/resultat.php?Id=2344

    Michael A Peters et al eds., Governmentality Studies in Education, Rotterdam, Sense Publishers.


  20. I have just launched a website devoted to Foucault’s notion of heterotopia. Some of it is based on a PhD thesis that I completed a couple of years ago at the University of Bristol in the UK. It is an independent site and all self-funded so quite modest at the moment but hope to build it up if there is interest. See what you think. I also have related facebook page.



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