Long, awesome summary: History of Sexuality

A long, awesome summary of the History of Sexuality (all 3 published vols) from a reader (who notes that this is National Coming Out Day):

The life and times of French thinker, philosopher and historian Michel Foucault were nearly as amazing as the written works he left behind. Foucault was a lightning rod for controversy–and I very much believe he would not have had it any other way. The list of subjects that Foucault’s work touched and changed is truly mind-boggling. I’m not sure that I agree with all of his declarations and hypotheses. But, I must say that he is an inspiration and example to the ideals of free-thinking.

Recently, I re-read Foucault’s seminal three-part treatise on human sexuality. Starting with ‘A History of Sexuality: An Introduction (and continuing with ‘A History of Sexuality: The Use of Pleasure’ and ‘A History of Sexuality: The Care of Self’), I was struck by how much of Foucault’s writing seemed fresh and relevant–as opposed to when I had last read it during my days of higher education. I think much of my surprise has to do with the fact that I am now older and have a richer history of experiences to draw upon and relate to in regards to my own sexuality.

See more here.

There’s also an ad on the site supporting the “original” ENDA as they put it, and this is no doubt sincerely held. Yet Barney Frank (one of if not the only openly gay Congressman) will hold a press conference today decrying the political pressure groups calling for ENDA to cover the “T” in LGBT (which is what this ad does).

I’m not an expert on this, but the arguments opposing this on AMERICAblog seem to me to be quite convincing. But there are plenty of opposing (and often emotional) views in the comments.


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