Bill Bunge at AAG

The following manifesto was available at last week’s AAG conference in Boston. It is signed by Bill Bunge, who was also rumored to actually be the conference (though I did not confirm that). Apropos several sessions on “subversive cartography” at the conference the map is also interesting.

Fidel Castro’s America (W. Bunge) (pdf).


4 Responses

  1. This is very interesting, and I’ve had this debate regarding the “American” issue before. It always reminds me that the use of the term “America” to refer to the United States specifically was not customary prior to the early part of the 20th century, before which “Columbia” was the vernacular. What I don’t know is if that historical distinction extended to the people (were U.S. residents ever called “Columbians”?)

    I think pronunciation poses the biggest problem. “United Statesers” is a real mouthful. What could we use as an alternative?

    I do believe, however, that hijacking the term “American” is without a doubt indicative of the sort of neo-Imperialism discussed here. That point is not lost on me. I just think if there is going to be a counter-imperialist movement, we should have the updated language prepared ahead of time.

  2. is bill bunge alive?

  3. it’s ok my friend Ali told me he’s alive

  4. Bill Bunge was indeed at the 2008 AAG in Boston. I stayed with him one night. Had taken a fall which injured his leg, so his mobility was quite limted. I handed out the circular posted above for him and contacted persons he wished to visit with for him. Mentally he was the same as ever–sharp and combative. I believe he is still alive. Here is a number of place he stayed until about a year. 450 676 0281.

    Clark Akatiff

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