CFP: Paul and Foucault

A call for papers on the topic of St. Paul and Foucault has been announced by the Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory. Call for Papers – Special Edition of The Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory ‘Foucault and Saint Paul’ The French philosopher Michel Foucault has been cited in relation to Saint Paul from […]

CFP: Securing the future: the role of space in impending crises

CFP: Securing the future: the role of space in impending crises. AAG Las Vegas, March 22-7, 2009 Please send abstracts to Bethan Evans ( by Friday 10th October (deadline for registration with the AAG is 16th October) There has been a noticeable shift in public policy across a range of sectors from policy focussed on […]

Governmentality and UFOs?

Scott McLemee: Lest anyone think this is the silly season, we turn with relief to the August issue of the journal Political Theory, where a major article finally addresses an issue too long ignored by candidates and scholars alike. “If academics’ first responsibility is to tell the truth,” write two political scientists, “then the truth […]

Full-text Foucaults?

I’ve noticed a trend recently of publishing full-text versions of various Foucault-related books online. Nowadays anyone with a scanner and Acrobat can upload a searchable OCR full-text pdf of say Security, Territory, Population (which floated around the internet last year) or today’s example, Foucault by Gilles Deleuze. I’m in two minds about these. On the […]

Birth of Biopolitics announced

The English translation of The Birth of Biopolitics is scheduled for an 11 April 2008 release. From the publisher: Michel Foucault’s lectures at the Collège de France in 1979, The Birth of Biopolitics, pursue and develop further the themes of his lectures from the previous year, Security, Territory, Population.  Having shown how Eighteen century political […]

Sex and ethics: Nussbaum vs. Foucault

From Bosphorus Reflections: Michel Foucault and Martha Nussbaum covered some similar territory with regard to the ehtics of the Ancient world with regard to desire, sexuality, eros and love. In Foucault’s case, this was work towards the end of his life in Hermeneutics of the Subject, Uses of Pleasure, and Care of the Self (the […]

STP notes posted (chapter 1)

Foucault’s Minions: First, some definitions Bio-power: a “set of mechanisms” of power that focus upon the “biological feature of the human species”. Bio-power is concerned with species, with a mass, opposed to disciplinary power which is concerned with humans as individuals (1). The term is probably familiar, especially after our previous reading of “Society Must […]

STP reading

Foucault’s Minions (!) are doing a reading of chapter 1 from Security, Territory, Population this week. People are free to comment there. I don’t know how successful these things can be when held virtually. Perhaps we need some specific question to respond to.

Citizen journalism: where did the Israelis bomb?

Read this fascinating entry by Ogle Earth to see how citizen journalism can use geoweb tools to discover the facts behind the headlines. OG uses several threads of information and Google Earth to come up with a convincing candidate for the target site.

Cutting nature at its joints: boundary-making

The Rhine near Cologne Just a little curiosity; I had always thought that the phrase “cutting nature at its joints” was original to Richard Rorty (it was the kind of thing he liked to say) but as I should have guessed it is from Plato, Phaedrus: Phaedrus And what is the other principle, Socrates? [265e] […]