Biopolitics of Space

Is it time for a biopolitics of space? As of today here are the only works that deal with both “biopolitics” and “space”: CRONIN, A.M., 2006. Advertising and the metabolism of the city: Urban space, commodity rhythms. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 24(4), pp. 615-632. DEMETRIOU, O., 2006. Streets not named: Discursive dead […]

Foucaultblog on hiatus?

Foucaultblog was founded in 2007 as a kind of indirect adjunct to my and Stuart Elden’s co-edited book on Foucault and geography. I’ve been the sole owner and contributor to it during that time, passing on Foucault news (I set up a Google Alert: whenever anybody mentioned “Foucault” on the web I would check out what they said and link to […]

Philip K. Dick and Heidegger

The science fiction writer Philip K. Dick died in March 1982, but has left a legacy behind that would be the envy of most writers (a lot of people think he is still alive and writing). Although the majority of people come to his work through the many movies that have been made from his stories, such […]

Is there a second way? Responses to the neoliberal

The blog, Artisans for a New Humanity, argues that the usual framing of neoliberalism as a coherent project is wrong: Rather, I am tempted to follow Foucault’s characterisation of ‘neoliberal’ in his 1979 Collège lectures as denoting a modern art of government that allows for the strategic coordination of multiple points of power in apparently […]

Foucault Studies Issue 8 Available

Foucault Studies is pleased to announce the publication of issue 8 Including a special section on Michel Foucault and Norbert Elias Review essay on Michel Foucault’s Le Gouvernement de soi et des autres & Le Courage de la vérité. Le Gouvernement de soi et des autres II Discussion on Foucault’s Kantian Lineage and his 1982 […]

CFP: “Deleuze: Ethics and Politics”

Rockwell Clancy sends the following message: * * * Call for Papers   4th Biennial Philosophy and Literature Conference At Purdue University   “Deleuze: Ethics and Politics”   April 9-10, 2010 Purdue University, West Lafayette   Deadline for Paper Submission: January 15, 2010   The philosopher Michel Serres once described Gilles Deleuze as “an excellent […]

Neil Smith on Foucault and revolution

Seen in Heidelberg, Germany, June 2009 Neil Smith (Uneven Development) has added some new material to his site, including an editorial he did for Environment Planning D: Society and Space in 2007 (pdf version). Smith’s position is that Foucault is actually useful in thinking about revolution again (ie., since the 1960s). He argues that Foucault’s […]

Mayhew on historical geography

Just catching up with one of my favorite journals, Progress in Human Geography. Robert Mayhew, a geographer at Bristol, has a progress report on historical geography in the June issue. He  claims that historical geography today is suffused with Foucault’s influence. I want to divide recent work in historical geography into three sets of interrelated […]

My new book

Readers of this blog may be interested in my new book, which I am very pleased to say has just been listed on Amazon. It is called simply Mapping, and is part of the Wiley-Blackwell series on Critical Geographies. This series is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate (or post-graduate) students, and provides book-length discussions […]

New Google Earth controversy in Japan similar to Bowman Expeditions controversy

In this computer screen image taken from the Google Earth software, a feudal map of a village in central Japan from hundreds of years ago, superimposed on a modern street map, is shown. The village is clearly labeled “eta,” an old word for Japan’s outclass of untouchables known as “burakumin.” The word literally means “filthy […]