AAG 2010 sessions on territory and cartography

I’ve mounted a website and blog for our sessions on Territory and Cartography at next year’s Association of American Geographers (AAG) conference. We have three sessions total and some of the papers have a definite Foucaultian approach, although this was not a prerequisite of the cfp. Anyway, please jump over to the blog and leave […]

New book: Stuart Elden Terror and Territory

Stuart has a new book out: Terror and Territory, The Spatial Extent of Sovereignty. From the publisher: A timely analysis of the contemporary state of territory Today’s global politics demands a new look at the concept of territory. From so-called deterritorialized terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda to U.S.-led overthrows of existing regimes in the Middle […]

Review of Security, Territory, Population

Security, Territory, Population which was published in English earlier this year has been reviewed in Ephemera by Nick Butler. Where law is understood as a negative power (it prevents, it forbids, it prohibits, etc.), and where discipline is understood as a positive power (it obliges, it prescribes, it incites, etc.), security is understood as neither […]

Security, territory, population: course context

The course context for STP was written by Michel Sennellart, who is a professor of political philosophy at the Lyon École normale Supérieure des lettres et sciences humaines. The discussion, while it mostly focuses on STP, also covers the Birth of Biopolitics as these were published as a “diptych” in French. Therefore we get a […]

Foucaultblog on hiatus?

Foucaultblog was founded in 2007 as a kind of indirect adjunct to my and Stuart Elden’s co-edited book on Foucault and geography. I’ve been the sole owner and contributor to it during that time, passing on Foucault news (I set up a Google Alert: whenever anybody mentioned “Foucault” on the web I would check out what they said and link to […]

Call for panelists: Global Governance as Governmentality

Jason Weidner is looking for panelists for the following session. Contact him for details: International Studies Association (ISA) 16-19 March 2011, Montreal Call for Participants for a Proposed Panel: Global Governance as Governmentality The “global governance” paradigm has become increasingly central to the study of world politics, offering an analytical framework for investigating the shift […]

Carceral notebooks

I missed this previously: Carceral Notebooks Volume 4, 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. Bernard Harcourt Discipline, Security, and Beyond: A Brief Introduction. Andrew Dilts and Bernard Harcourt D’une configuration disciplinaire à l’autre? Laurent Bonelli Des classes à la population ? Formules de gouvernement et détention Fabienne Brion Masques de Foucault. Guy Casadamont The Post-Disciplinary Prison. […]

THE reviews Spaces of Security

Times Higher Ed has a nice review of Security and Insecurity: Geographies of the War on Terror, edited by Alan Ingram and Klaus Dodds, published by Ashgate (our Foucault book publisher). The reviewer, Simon Reid-Henry, who directs the Centre for Global Security and Development, Queen Mary, University of London, describes it as: a fascinating cross-section […]

Mayhew on historical geography

Just catching up with one of my favorite journals, Progress in Human Geography. Robert Mayhew, a geographer at Bristol, has a progress report on historical geography in the June issue. He  claims that historical geography today is suffused with Foucault’s influence. I want to divide recent work in historical geography into three sets of interrelated […]

New Protevi notes; cfp Philosophy of Life

Two quick items via the Continental Philosophy blog: 1. John Protevi is posting his course notes on Security, Territory, Population 2. A call for papers has been issued for a conference on the philosophy of life, including “life, power and politics (Foucault and Agamben).” Both via CP.