AAG 2010 sessions on territory and cartography

I’ve mounted a website and blog for our sessions on Territory and Cartography at next year’s Association of American Geographers (AAG) conference. We have three sessions total and some of the papers have a definite Foucaultian approach, although this was not a prerequisite of the cfp. Anyway, please jump over to the blog and leave […]

Emotional Cartography: technologies of the self

New book for psychogeographers, critical cartographers and those interested in applications of technologies of the self: The book is the outcome of a research process which aimed to reach a deeper understanding of a project called ‘Bio Mapping’, which since 2004, has involved thousands of participants in over 16 different countries. Bio Mapping emerged as […]

An atlas of radical cartography

An atlas of radical cartography opens today in LA. One exhibitor is Trevor Paglen, at Berkeley who has worked on the CIA extraordinary rendition. In an interview Paglen observes: Trevor: I’ve actually tried to stay away from cartography and “mapping” as much as possible in my work. The “God’s eye” view implicit in much cartography […]

Foucault, statistics and cartography

In the forthcoming English translation of Security, Territory, and Population, Foucault discusses the notion of the “specific qualities” of a territory (as Elden points out, in a phrase omitted from the original 1991 publication, “within its frontiers.” Foucault observes in STP that this makes the modern era the era of statistics: Because statistics is etymologically […]

Foucaultblog on hiatus?

Foucaultblog was founded in 2007 as a kind of indirect adjunct to my and Stuart Elden’s co-edited book on Foucault and geography. I’ve been the sole owner and contributor to it during that time, passing on Foucault news (I set up a Google Alert: whenever anybody mentioned “Foucault” on the web I would check out what they said and link to […]

New Italian website

I’ve had a nice note from Daniele Lorenzini about a new Italian Foucault website at Materiali Foucaultiani. The site is available in French, Italian and English. They also want to start a new journal. Here is part of their manifesto: More precisely, we wish to build up a framework to investigate and to highlight the […]

CFP: “Deleuze: Ethics and Politics”

Rockwell Clancy sends the following message: * * * Call for Papers   4th Biennial Philosophy and Literature Conference At Purdue University   “Deleuze: Ethics and Politics”   April 9-10, 2010 Purdue University, West Lafayette   Deadline for Paper Submission: January 15, 2010   The philosopher Michel Serres once described Gilles Deleuze as “an excellent […]

If not mass consumption, then what?

Clare O’Farrell picks up on an interesting suggestion in Foucault’s Birth of Biopolitics that the aim of (the) government is not to create a society of mass consumption. On the face of it this is a laughable claim, especially more so now than when Foucault originally made it 30 years ago. It also contradicts the […]

Mayhew on historical geography

Just catching up with one of my favorite journals, Progress in Human Geography. Robert Mayhew, a geographer at Bristol, has a progress report on historical geography in the June issue. He  claims that historical geography today is suffused with Foucault’s influence. I want to divide recent work in historical geography into three sets of interrelated […]

My new book

Readers of this blog may be interested in my new book, which I am very pleased to say has just been listed on Amazon. It is called simply Mapping, and is part of the Wiley-Blackwell series on Critical Geographies. This series is aimed at senior undergraduate and graduate (or post-graduate) students, and provides book-length discussions […]