Object-oriented ontology

I wouldn’t mind getting a perspective on computer/GI Science “ontologies” from some of the OOO people. Maybe I’m being distracted by the word ontology in there, but at the least there is potential overlap and room for confusion as this word is thrown around. Especially as the GIScience people see themselves creating ontologies of objects.

Larval subjects has some key sketches of the OOO position here, while Stuart continues to engage, following the ontology sessions at AAG in April.


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  1. […] and Geography book and a couple of other projects – has a request for OOO people on his Foucault blog… I wouldn’t mind getting a perspective on computer/GI Science “ontologies” from some of […]

  2. My request might not be answerable in the sense that you say “philosopher X says…” or “philosopher’s X’s position entails…” as GIScience people presumably don’t see themselves as doing philosophy, certainly not continental philosophy. They do see themselves as doing “formal ontology,” mereotopology, etc (see Barry Smith’s website).

    I take it they would be very much toward the realist end of the spectrum. For example, Smith argues:
    “It defends the thesis that ontologies developed
    for such purposes [research in natural science] should be understood as having as their subject matter, not concepts, but rather the universals and particulars which exist in reality and are captured in scientific laws.”

    A first step might be to follow Hubert Dreyfus’ attack on cognitive science and AI, by equating it with Aristotelian object ontology (objects with properties), a step I quite like.

    This GIS work is very large in certain parts of geography and GIS. Cartographica will be publishing a special section on GIScience ontologies in the next issue.

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