Government of Self and Others released

I’m just about to go and pick up my copy of Foucault’s 82-3 lectures, The Government of self and others, which has been published in English translation.

While it might seem that there is little in here that we don’t already know (or have read in the original French version published in January 2008) frankly speaking you know very well that there’s always something of interest, or some longer development of an argument only incompletely discussed elsewhere!

This is volume 1 and if the schedule is the same as the French, then we can expect the second volume on this subject (and Foucault’s last lectures) in about a year.


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  2. I didn’t find much of these lectures in the other published material. So it was quite new to me, or it was at least greatly expanded analyses of themes in Fearless Speech or What is Enlightenment).
    But I read it in French, so I don’t expect the English to do anything for me.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you’d take a look at my blog

    I just posted an interesting lil’ piece on Martin Scorsese’s recent film Shutter Island and the institutional aspects of Psychiatric Oppression. If you have not viewed the film I highly recommend it to you – It is ripe with Foucaultean, Althusserian, Zizekian, Lacanian, even Nietzschean themes. Shutter Island was just released on DVD, and it has made quite a stir. The ‘ending’ is quite provative. If you like Zizek’s work on Hitchcock you may get a thrill out of the film.

    I realize you probably have no idea who I am, but then again, if we both work on Foucault we should probably ‘connect’ in this time of pseudo-social networking.

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