Daily Kos and Foucault

The politics blog Daily Kos offers us a fairly reasonable synopsis of Foucault in its daily briefing today. Interesting to see the “Great Orange Satan” (aka Daily Kos) intersecting with MF, and making at least some feints towards an applied politics related to his work.

A snippet:

I mean, really, if hegemony is true and people relish in their own subjugation, and ideology anticipates change and accommodates, then where is the hope for a better, more just, more equitable world?

Some would answer there is none. That the core activist stance is simply in knowing the truth of those conditions, and then working against them as best as one may, but without any real expectation that the underlying structures will ever significantly change.

I differ.

If I, as a teacher, or a professor, or a dentist, or a janitor, or a parent, or a mechanic, or a manager, or a fisherman, or whatever, can ask of myself the questions I would ask of others, reflect on the questions and my own answers, and become more capable of meaningful insight and action as a result, therein is hope. If I can question the frames and ideologies I inherit and inhabit, if I can trouble the structures and practices of inequity and my own positions in them, then there is hope. If I can center myself, balance myself, by, as Foucault recommends, “working on the self” as an act of artistic creation of my own life (the core proposal of the technologies of self), I can not only begin to resist dominant ideology but may be better positioned to create improvement and progress at deep levels, if not in society as a whole, at least deeply within myself.


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