Call for Papers–Special issue of Foucault Studies on the relations between the work of Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben

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Call for Papers–Special issue of Foucault Studies on the relations between the work of Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben Editor, Jeffrey Bussolini

The work and thought of Giorgio Agamben has gained immense popularity in the last decade (not unlike the intense interest in Foucault’s work in and since the 1980s). His ongoing and intensifying use of concepts from Foucault has brought increasing interest to the relations between these two thinkers. This issue of Foucault Studies focuses on the points of contact, borrowing, interpretation, and difference between them. While biopolitics is an important point of connection, their interrelations also encompass method, intellectual history, theory of secularization, governmentality, sovereignty, and veridiction, among other salient aspects. This issue aims to collect and present a set of essays concerning many different facets of the influence and resonance between these two thinkers. As this influence seems particularly evident after Agamben’s 1995 Homo Sacer, several papers will likely address the connections in that and the following works such as State of exception and Remnants of Auschwitz. Though not necessary for all submissions, we hope for several that concern the intensive focus on Foucault in Agamben’s recent books (and pamphlet) Il Regno e la Gloria: per una genealogia teologica dell’economia e dello governo, Che cos’e un dispositivo?, Signatura rerum: sul metodo , and Il sacramento del linguaggio: Archeologia del giuramento. In addition, papers concerning the relations between Agamben’s early works and those of Foucault, and papers concerning any aspect of connection between their thoughts, are welcome.

Please send complete papers to the issue editor Jeffrey Bussolini by MAY 12th 2010 at in .odt or .doc format. Please put ‘Agamben Issue’ in the subject line.


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