New book: Michel Foucault by Lynn Fendler

A new book on Foucault and education by Lynn Fendler:


Michael Foucault is undisputedly a major thinker in education. Lynn Fendler’s volume offers the most coherent account of Foucault’s educational thought. This work is divided into: 1) Intellectual Bibliography 2) Critical exposition of Foucault’s work 3) The reception and influence of Foucault’s work 4) The relevance of the work today
Table of Contents

Series Editor’s Preface

Part 1: Intellectual Biography

Part 2: Critical Exposition of Foucault’s Work
I. Definitions of Major Concepts
II. Summaries of Major Works

Part 3: The Reception and Influence of Foucault’s Work

Part 4: The Relevance of Foucault’s Work Today


From Continuum, Feb 3 2010, $120.

This sounds like a useful overview, but surely Continuum are pricing this beyond the individual here. I’m all for publishers getting a return on the books they publish, but why not produce an affordable paperback edition alongside the hardback? There are far too many instances of publishers producing really expensive hardbacks that nobody reads (Springer does this a lot for instance, even demanding camera-ready copy from authors). Having a book coming out in a couple of weeks myself that I’ve spent some years writing I know I would be very upset with this kind of pricing policy.

No wonder people scan them into pdfs and upload them to websites.


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