New book cover designs for Vintage re-editions

What do you think?

Very arresting, but doesn’t he get the title wrong of the last one? Or are these preliminary designs?


3 Responses

  1. yes, the last one is wrong – a Playboy cover photo would be much more adequate. HS is the archeology of how we came to admire Playboy covers after all no ?

  2. I think they’re terrible, frankly. The wit is so easy when it’s wit, when it’s not, it’s just stupid.

  3. I quite like these new editions actually.
    AK’s cover is nice. The Order of Things also has a pretty little cover of Russian dolls (though I find it funny that its in order from biggest to smallest, given his suspicion of neat historical progressions).
    I could definitely rest my old (yet valuable) copies for some new ones.
    I was actually confused about The Use of Pleasure and “history of sexuality volume 2”. Are they settling on one or the other?

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