Foucault Special Issue: Theory, Culture & Society

Theory, Culture & Society have a special issue on Foucault coming out.

Thinking After Michel Foucault: Introduction to TCS Special Issue on Foucault.
Couze Venn and Tiziana Terranova.
[A version of this Introduction appears in Theory, Culture & Society, vol 26 no 6, 2009. Papers referred to in the Introduction can be found in the Special Issue.]

Keywords:  biopolitics, neoliberalism, power, subjectivity, life, race, methodology.


This Introduction to the Special Issue of Theory, Culture & Society on Michel Foucault draws out the possibilities for new critiques of the present and points to new directions for the future, both for research in the social sciences and for imagining alternative ways of being. It highlights the innovative contributions which all the papers make, particularly in the excavation of neoliberalism to expose the mechanisms whereby it achieves its ends, and in indicating the costs for human well-being that are implicated in its recruitment of the domain of the social to serve its ends. The Special Issue demonstrates that, in spite of the short-comings in Foucault’s work which are picked out in the papers, his explorations of power, subjectivity, and what it means to be and to think continue to be relevant as a starting point for a range of reflections about our own times.

Here’s the lineup:


Couze Venn and Tiziana TerronovaIntroduction: Thinking after Michel Foucault.

Michel Foucault – Alternatives to the Prison: Dissemination or Decline of Social Control?

Paul Rabinow – Foucault’s Untimely Struggle: Toward a Form of Spirituality.

Judith Revel – Identity, Nature, Life: Three Biopolitical Deconstructions.

Lois McNay – Self as Enterprise: Dilemmas of Control and Resistance in Foucault’s The Birth of Biopolitics.

Stephen J. Collier – Topologies of Power: Foucault’s Analysis of Political Government beyond ‘Governmentality’.

Maurizio Lazzarato – Neoliberalism in Action: Inequality, Insecurity and the Reconstitution of the Social.

Eugene Thacker – The Shadows of Atheology: Epidemics, Power and Life after Foucault.

Brian Massumi – National Enterprise Emergency: Steps Toward an Ecology of Powers.

David Macey – Rethinking Biopolitics, Race and Power in the Wake of Foucault.

Couze Venn – Neoliberal Political Economy, Biopolitics and Colonialism: A Transcolonial Genealogy of Inequality.

Tiziana Terranova – Another Life: The Nature of Political Economy in Foucault’s Genealogy of Biopolitics.


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