New video interview: Foucault and Signoret on Poland, 1981

An interview conducted on French TV of the visit by Simone Signoret and Foucault to Poland, following the declaration of martial law.

Here’s what the site says (thanks to Google Translate!):

Christine Ockrent interviewing the actress Simone Signoret and philosopher Michel Foucault on the situation in Poland where the Solidarity trade union has been banned by the government. Simone Signoret, who wears a badge of the Polish trade union “Solidarity”, explains why she went to Poland, including Medecins du Monde. She says she has not had the courage to wear this badge there. She believes that the country is in dissent, it spoke of the economic situation and the fact that Poles are monitored continuously, “we do not talk because there are microphones everywhere. She saw Polish actors “boycott” their work, namely their participation in television programs that gives them a fixed income. Décission This is not an instruction given by a union, but it is taken individually. Michel Foucault examines the notion of standardization in Poland, spoke of the totalitarian regime in socialist countries. It urges the French to visit this country. It poses the problem of the necessary commitment of Europe, explains that the Poles feel about the French.


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