Two items: sex SF and Galilée

Two quick items today:

Gai pied hebdo (a name supposedly suggested by Foucault and a pun on guêpier or hornet’s nest according to Wikipedia; hebdo = “weekly” in French) published an interview with MF “Friendship as a way of life” (DE #293). Sex SF, a blog from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, has a piece about this interview today and how you can download the interview (and lots of other stuff, most of it in a legal grey zone) from

Philosophy in a time of error blog compares the Derrida lecture series to the Foucault ones, and claims:

I don’t think we’ll see the breakthrough in studies on Derrida from the publication of these lectures as we did with the publication of Foucault’s courses. For me, there was the Foucault before the lectures were published and the much more interesting Foucault after the lectures. Not that there isn’t a link between the two, but Foucault’s work in the lectures offers less totalizing views of the periods under discussion and it’s much more experimental. A lot of Derrida’s lectures have already been published and though I’ve seen some good stuff at the archives in Irvine, I don’t think you’ll see the massive onslaught of publications that greeted a lot of Foucault lectures’ publication.

He also wants to know when the next book is coming out. Any ideas?

Update. 500th post! Incroyable.


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