Heidegger’s birthday

Martin Heidegger’s birthday today. You may or may not want to mark it by reading something by him.


4 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t celebrating his death be more appropriate? And celebrating Arendt’s birth?

  2. Jeremy:

    This is perfectly off topic to this blog, please have mercy on us.

    Would you mind to care about the foucaultian readers who are truely interested in Foucault?


    Scu`s comment is interesting.

  3. What’s wrong with Heidegger’s thought?

    And I strongly recommend his lecture course: “Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics”.

  4. Given Foucault’s comment that “For me Heidegger has always been the essential philosopher … My entire philosophical development was determined by my reading of Heidegger” perhaps it isn’t entirely off-topic. He was a rather unpleasant individual though, by all accounts.

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