THE reviews Spaces of Security

Times Higher Ed has a nice review of Security and Insecurity: Geographies of the War on Terror, edited by Alan Ingram and Klaus Dodds, published by Ashgate (our Foucault book publisher).

The reviewer, Simon Reid-Henry, who directs the Centre for Global Security and Development, Queen Mary, University of London, describes it as:

a fascinating cross-section of contemporary understandings of security that take us well beyond stock-in-trade critiques of the political lassitude and legal effrontery of Western states, particularly the previous US Administration.

Such a task could have been undertaken within a range of academic disciplines, of course, but this book is overwhelmingly the work of geographers. Although they are aware of the moral, legal, ethical and political questions posed by the subject matter, the main points they raise are primarily geographical ones. And while Ingram and Dodds’ overarching aim may be to explore the production of security discourse within variously non-political and cultural arenas, they do so only after covering geography’s more traditional base – geopolitics. The result is a satisfying analytical arc, which begins with an international- relations critique of Tony Blair’s vision of “just” war and ends in artwork that projects security plans from Baghdad on to a map of Brussels to bring the “urban geopolitics” of the Iraqi capital closer to home.

Should be useful for people reading through Security, Territory, Population.


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