The events in Iran over the last two weeks have brought to mind for many people the revolution of 1978-9 and Foucault’s “journalism” during a couple of trips he made there. The latest is Bernard-Henri Lévy, who offers his thoughts in the Huffington Post today.

Some of Foucault’s reporting is online if you want to read it, eg., here, and a lot of stuff here associated around the Afary and Anderson book at the University of Chicago Press.

Added:By the way, there is a great feature of Youtube called Citizentube, where people are posting cell phone video from Iran of the protests. It includes the sad footage of Neda, a girl who was shot by a sniper and who has been described as both a martyr and the face of the movement.

Please also see Nico Pitney in the HuffPo for daily video and liveblogging.


2 Responses

  1. There is certainly an unsurprising tug of war on Foucault’s work on Iran (see the the article here “why are the iranians dreaming again?” June 18 from Ali Alizadeh and various links therein) But his view on the empowerment of the hijab in male and female relations has been sadly misconstrued, and used for political gainsaying.

    At least he had the decency to back up his beliefs and kindness and vehement hatred of authority with some kind of political action

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