Badiou interviews Foucault

Newly posted video of Alain Badiou interview with MF from 1965 on the question of psychology and philosophy.


5 Responses

  1. Very very good!

    This interview is not the same that the interview on Dits et Écrits. You can see several new elements, like the comparasion between psychology and the confessional pratics of christianity, and some literature and pratics of XVI´s century.

    The version contained on Dits et Écrits is an edited version, after the interview. Very nice reference, congrats!

  2. On a purely frivolous note.

    Foucault was clearly going through a style deficient period of his life at this point. Post Order of Things celebrity and militant activity obviously agreed with him!

  3. Always good to see MF on TV but not sure it casts light on any of the disagreements in the Bourdiou and Foucault camps – as it were. I have a good audio of MF somewhere when he toured the US and was questioned by various undergraduates.

    OT but “Forget Foucault” is being reprinted by Semiotexte at some stage. It’s on their website. Should be interesting.

  4. Is there any chance someone could translate this? Or perhaps list the key points that are raised in the interview.

    I have to echo Clare’s frivolous point, Foucault does appear much more dapper in his militant period. Radical chic indeed. Oh and I do find it funny to see Badiou so young!

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