Radical Philosophy Conference

The Radical Philosophy Conference will be held Saturday 9 May 2009 at Birkbeck College in London. The theme is “Power to the People?”

‘Power to the people!’ was once a revolutionary slogan, but reference to government by the people and for the people has long been an empty cliché of the post-revolutionary status quo. Numerous alternatives have been proposed: the proletariat, the workers, the masses, the soviets, the the nation, the community, the multitude, the commons… And now? How might we assess the different conceptions of political change embodied in these often conflicting ideas? What is the political and philosophical significance of ‘the people’ and related terms today?

Sessions include at least one on Foucault-related themes, chaired by Stuart Elden, on biopolitics and population:

3.45–5.00 Population & Biopolitics (chair: Stuart Elden, Durham)
‘Biopolitics, Diasporas and (Neo)Liberal Political Economy’
Couze Venn (Nottingham Trent)
‘Feminist Strategies Revisited – Sexopolitics, Multitude and Biopolitics’
Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez (Manchester)

Other talks are being given by Eric Swyngedouw and Gayatri Spivak.


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