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Experimental geography

I recently purchased the book Experimental Geography, edited by Nato Thompson and Independent Curators International (ICI). It features essays by the geographer Trevor Paglen, and includes the work of several emerging “map artists” such as kanarinka, Spurse, and Lize Mogel.

(It can usefully be read in parallel with Mogel and Bhagat’s An Atlas of Radical Cartography.)

Now the New Museum (235 Bowery, NYC) is hosting a panel discussion on this called “Experimental Geography Panel Discussion: An Aesthetic Investigation of Space”:

The discussion will focus on the creative use of landscape hacking, cartography, locative media, and radical urbanism as a means of engaging with the politics of contested spaces. In presenting work from the show and book, the panelists will explore the distinctions between geographical study and artistic experience of the earth, and the juncture where the two realms collide.

Today at 3pm so hurry!

In an associated editorial for Rhizome, Alisa Olson offers a reading list–including two works by Foucault–of experimental geography texts. Quite a long list and could be useful for people “thinking out space” as Foucault once said.

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