Foucault as terrorist

Foucault was probably a terrorist, foucaultblog can exclusively reveal. New compelling evidence by authoritative sources conclusively shows that because of his leftism, he “loved tyranny and terror.”

Yes, and furthermore “leftwing Western intellectuals and their new, highly unlikely anti-intellectual, anti-feminist allies – violent Muslim belligerents” means “that Western leftists and Muslim terrorists share a pathology, a morbid mental defect.”

While the writer admits that the thesis of Glazov’s book is not espoused by someone actually trained in psychiatry or even psychology this doesn’t stop her. (This after praising Paul Johnson’s notorious book Intellectuals and then admitting that he was later discredited when his private penchant for S&M was revealed. Hey, pick better examples if you want to be creditable!)

As for Foucault, of course, as we’ve always suspected:

In United in Hate, [Glazov] writes about Michel Foucault, for decades, one of the academy’s most revered and influential intellectual theorists. In doing so, he – in the tradition of Paul Johnson — describes Foucault’s ugly (and in many “respectable” liberal circles, unspeakable) demise. Glazov writes:

“For a person who had always been fascinated by death and its interconnections with sex, Foucault’s life came to an eerie ending when he died of AIDS in 1984,” having “embraced” the San Francisco bath house scene when its dangers were well known, and its inherent immorality –even before the AIDS era – should have been, in any case, self-evident.

“As we shall see later in this chapter,” Glazov continues, “many leftist homosexuals would follow this pattern of self-hate and a craving for death. This pathological behavior mirrors that of other leftist intellectuals supporting tyrannies that murder intellectuals” – Foucault, for instance, was a vocal admirer of Iran’s Khomeini.

The self-hating homo, the craving for death, the ignorant claims. No stereotypes there then.

There’s even an “analytics of blood”:

I think perhaps I didn’t know how much radical Muslims actually venerate actual human blood. In one scene, a Muslim terrorist actually laps the blood off the floor of his dead victim. It makes sense, of course, since the craving for the pure and sterilized earthly paradise is ultimately an outgrowth of the hatred of human beings and, therefore, the thirst for their blood. That’s why socialists and Islamists have their hands soaked in it.

In other news from the same commentator:

Rumors of Islamic terrorist training camps operating within the United States and Canada have been making the rounds ever since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. A new film is re-focusing attention on the subject,

but woops!

authoritative proof of their existence – -at least in the numbers being claimed — can be difficult to acquire.

dozens of radical Muslim terrorist compounds currently exist across America, basing that claim upon a mysterious, untitled 2006 Regional Organized Crime Information Center report prepared for the Department of Justice marked “Dissemination Restricted to Law Enforcement. I attempted to acquire a copy of this document, through both the Department of Justice and the Christian Action Network, without success.”

But I’ll pass on unsubstantiated rumors anyway and then resurrect slurs not heard since the time of the Crusades? I thought the politics of fear was over?


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