Government of self and others published

Volume 2 of Government of self and others has been published (in French). Volume 1 was published around this time last year (also in French).

Volume 2 represents the last lectures Foucault gave at the Collège de France, in 1984. They are called “Le courage de la vérité.”

Here’s an early review in Libération.


5 Responses

  1. […] to Jeremy for updates on the lectures (although he seems blissfully unaware of the Veyne book). I get so lazy […]

  2. I need to know when the 1983 predecessor comes out in English. That is something worth waiting for.

  3. Learn French, guys. This stuff is great. The care of the self is not just the self, but life itself (as in Agamben). The links between the ancient studies and the modern critical histories becomes more and more apparent in this book.

  4. Seconded. The richness of the last two lectures is staggering.

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