More Foucault derangement syndrome

More FDS, in a post excoriating Zizek. This blogger really knows how to turn a phrase! A sample:

[Zizek’s] stardom in the academic firmament is due to his wishing even worse evils upon us than did Lacan – whose psychoanalytic therapy consisted of trying to drive his patients insane; or Foucault – who wrote of ‘the joy of torture’, longed to carry out human sacrifice, and taught that cruelty should be a perpetual condition of existence, so that life would be the experience of unmitigated pain, hate and aggression.

“The Joy of Torture” wait — was that the title of the unpublished History of Sexuality book?

But wait! There’s more:

Thinkers have been the guiding lights of civilization, but in the 20th and 21st centuries the intellectuals of the left have been preaching against it. Until now they claimed a pretext for doing so, insisting that the subversions they practiced, the revolutions they encouraged, the oppressions they excused, were heroic efforts on behalf of the wretched of the earth: the poor, the colonized, the dispossessed, workers, women, lunatics, prisoners, aborigines… They pretended it was all for the eventual happiness of the human race: iron heartlessness in the cause of compassion. Multitudes received their message indirectly; and because they believed in the pretext, they followed them. The evil has soaked our culture. That is why Europe is letting itself be raped by Islam; why millions cheer for Hamas and hate Israel; why the media in the US suppressed the information that a presidential candidate had spent his whole political life among communists, terrorists, and America-haters; why George W Bush was loathed for overthrowing an Arab tyrant; why universities oppose free speech; why the Greens threaten us with hellfire on earth.

There’s even more, bnut I need to go to class and suppress free speech.


2 Responses

  1. Help, I am an undergraduate. Corrupt my brain!

  2. in stead of taking what he writes seriously, european police should investigate the bloggers possible connection to hate crimes.

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