Foucault Circle 2009 Final Program

The 9th annual Foucault Circle meeting will be held at DePaul University next spring (March 6-8). The final program is now available (.pdf). Looks very interesting.

FC Final Program (.pdf)

A few excerpts:

Historicity and Transcendentality in Foucault
Colin Koopman, University of California—Santa Cruz

The Final Foucault: Government of Others and Government of the Self, Assujettissement and
Alan Milchman and Alan Rosenberg, Queens College of the City University of New York

Foucault, Neoliberalism, and Political Violence
Johanna Oksala, University of Dundee

The Politics of Truth (Plenary Address)
Arnold Davidson, University of Chicago & University of Pisa

Liberation and Its Discontents: Foucault, Race, and the Possibility of Freedom
Cynthia D. Coe, Central Washington University

Disciplining Populations: A Look at Eugenic and Genetic Technologies
Ladelle McWhorter, University of Richmond


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