Followup on Nottingham events–starts today!

The Impossible Prison exhibition.  Photography David Sillitoe

Back in early October I mentioned a series of Foucault-related events were going to take place in Nottingham. That series has now started. Here is further information about today’s and forthcoming talks.

Monday 10th November 2008, 6 – 8 pm
Meaning, Truth and Prisons: The Legacy of Michel Foucault
David Macey in conversation with Jonathan Rée

BioCity Lecture Theatre
BioCity Nottingham
Pennyfoot Street

David Macey, Foucault’s biographer, will discuss the astounding contribution of this very  “uncomfortable thinker.” Although he died over two decades ago, his work continues to inform contemporary life and culture, whether that is our understanding of madness, prison as a model for many modern institutions, or the self-constructed individual who still relishes the audacity of this activist-philosopher today.

Jonathan Rée is Visiting Professor at Roehampton University and the Royal College of Art. Aiming to find new audiences for philosophical debate, he is the author of more than a dozen books and a journalist for many publications including the Times Literary Supplement and The Independent. He is also a frequent broadcaster.

David Macey is a writer and translator who lives and works in Leeds. His books include The Lives of Michel Foucault (1994) and Frantz Fanon: A Biography (2000). His many translations from French include Michel Foucault’s Society Must be Defended, 2003.

There is also Foucault reader (pdf, 4 mb).

Table of Contents:

David Macey: After Foucault
Michel Foucault: The Eye of Power
Harun Farocki: Controlling Observation
Ken Starkey: Stranger in a Strange Land: Foucault in the Business School
Lisa Le Feuvre: Preferring not to: Acconci, Graham, Nauman, Foucault
Gilles Deleuze: Postscript on the Societies of Control
Alessandro Petti: Asymmetry in Globalized Space: Postscript on the Society of Control
Daniel Defert: The Emergence of a new Front: Prisons
Thomas Hirschhorn: 24h Foucault

This reader is published to accompany our exhibition
The Impossible Prison which features 16 artists whose videos,
sculptures, drawings and photographs are incarcerated in the
cells and corridors of an Edwardian police station, which remains
much as it was when it closed in 1985. Three of the artists also
feature as authors in this publication: Harun Farocki, Thomas
Hirschhorn and Alessandro Petti of Multiplicity.


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