CFP: Paul and Foucault

A call for papers on the topic of St. Paul and Foucault has been announced by the Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory.

Call for Papers – Special Edition of The Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory

‘Foucault and Saint Paul

The French philosopher Michel Foucault has been cited in relation to Saint Paul from a number of different critical perspectives. In the early 90’s, Stephen D. Moore and Elizabeth Castelli have used Foucault’s early work to analyse the notion of power within the Pauline epistles, allowing them to adopt a critical perspective on Paul. More recent scholarship, such as the work of Halvor Moxnes, has tended to focus on how Foucault’s later work on the care and ethics of the self found in first and second century Greek philosophy might provide insight into Paul’s understanding of the self. In this case, interaction between Foucault and Paul is seen more as a dialogue than as a critique of Paul by Foucault. In this special edition of JCRT, we hope to focus on a truly dialogical approach to Foucault and Paul. In order to accomplish this, we aim to provide a panoramic view of the various critical ways in which the two thinkers have been engaged. To this end we invite articles and reviews on any aspect of this ‘dialogue’ between Foucault and Paul.

Topics might include but are by no means limited to:

  • Foucauldian readings of the Pauline Epistles

argumentative strategies

discourses of power

feminist critiques of Paul

  • Foucault, Paul and the Greeks


The Self

  • Foucault and Paul as anti-philosophers
  • Foucault’s discussion of pastoral power in Security, Territory, Population

Please send abstracts to Sophie Fuggle ( and Valérie Nicolet Anderson ( by 1 February

Via CP.


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