Free downloads: “Governmentality” and “Aesthetics of Existence”

A lot of free downloads of chapters, papers and interviews tend to float around the Internet. Last week someone had the whole of History of Sexuality Vol. 1 posted somewhere. I’ve usually (not assiduously) refrained from linking to these, though not out of a strict philosophy. Of course there are places where you can go to collect these. I understand that not everybody can afford to buy books or that libraries might not have the volume you want available. Still, I think posting a whole book online is a bit off, though I would argue there’s a difference between posting say my books online and posting Foucault’s books online (who can afford it more?).

That said, here is a link to two pieces, “Governmentality,” and “Aesthetics of Existence.”


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  1. Hm… seems like somebody deleted the links. Do you have another link to “Aesthetics of Existence” ?

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