Review of Government of the self and others

Review of Government of the Self and Others. By Dinah Ribard.

Reviewed : Michel Foucault, Le Gouvernement de soi et des autres. Cours au Collège de France, 1982-1983, (The Government of Self and Others. Lectures from the Collège de France, 1982-1983. Not yet published in English)
Editors François Ewald et Alessandro Fontana, by Frédéric Gros, Paris, Gallimard / Le Seuil, « Hautes Etudes », 2008, 382 p.

The Government of Self and Others opens with a famous analysis of Kant’s “Was ist Aufklärung” (What is the Enlightenment ?), that Foucault described on January 5 (p.8) as : « text for me a bit of a herald, a bit fetish. » This is the first edition, strictly speaking, of what was only known until now from the text of May 27, 1978 at the Société française de philosophie (French Society of Philosophy) entitled « Qu’est-ce que la critique ? » (What is criticism ?), which was published in the Bulletin of this organisation and not republished in the posthumous collection of Foucault’s spoken and written words entitled in French « Dits et Ecrits » and which was also published in Magazine littéraire in May 1984, a month before the death of Foucault. This article, an early homage and a publishing event, came precisely from the lessons of January 1983 of the Collège de France. We therefore have available now the complete and authorized analysis of « the ontology of current events ». But this release also gives context to the analysis and brings up new questions : what link is there between this « ontology of current events », also called by Foucault « ontology of ourselves » and, once beyond the initial « herald », « the drama of the truth » to which the essential of the lectures of 1982-1983 is dedicated ?

Available as pdf with the 2 footnotes.


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  1. When is this book being released in English?
    I can’t wait, to be honest.

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