Conference: History of Madness

The University of Buffalo (SUNY) is holding a Humanities conference devoted to the topic of the history of madness (the book but also the theme).

The keynote speaker will be Marjorie Garber, Ph.D., of Harvard, a scholar and nimble-footed cultural detective who delights in pointing out the often weird connections that weave us into the web of our culture. Entertaining, much-published and a very popular speaker, she has trained her formidable interpretive gifts on everything from Shakespeare to dog love, often leaving readers and audiences astonished at her insights.

The conference “The Other Side of Reason: The History of Madness Today,” will take place in the Center for the Arts on UB’s North (Amherst) campus.

In recognition of the recent publication of the complete English translation of Michel Foucault’s enormously influential “History of Madness,” speakers will discuss the philosopher’s reinvention of history as a conversation about the relationship between madness and reason.


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