Foucault’s birthday

Today is Foucault’s birthday. He would have been 82 years old.

Update. Skinny Malinky sez:

It is hard not to regret all the pages he never got to write, but I also think his early departure lucked the rest of us into a special task — to keep revising his work in relation to the world of today, without him doing all the thinking for us. I can’t really come up with another recent writer whose work has been as influential and as reviled. I’m still amazed when sociologists dismiss his work (and those who use him) as “trendy” –  forty years plus seems a bit long for a trend, no? But as Charles Tilly pointed out, the chances are good that work with the greatest impact on a field will likely receive the strongest opposition (h/t to WITW for reminding us of this).


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  1. I particularly regret his not being able to finish History of Sexuality. And I think Foucault estate should find a good editor and publish volume 4. I’ve heard Foucault left its complete manuscript to the estate.

    I see dimwitted people too ready to dismiss him, and deeply regret his not being alive. I believe today, in the time of astounding growth of interent , his work is more relevant than ever.

    I don’t understand why certain people hate him so much that they don’t even feel it necessary to read him before dismissing his work, method, scholarship, etc. It probably rises from a deeper ideological distaste for “Foucault the person” (and not “Foucault the scholar”).

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