Full text: Telos article by Deuber-Mankowsky

Article is:

“Nothing is Political, Everything Can Be Politicized: On the Concept of the Political in Michel Foucault and Carl Schmitt” by Deuber-Mankowsky, Telos, 142, Spring 2008.

Article begins:

In a 1979 memo about governmentality, Michel Foucault establishes that the analysis of governmentality as a “singular universality” implies that everything is political. Foucault explains his conclusion by “de-constructing” the phrase “everything is political.” This leads to the set of questions that he introduces when he talks about the terms biopolitics and biopower, whose meaning provides a new perspective regarding the history and development that shaped modern forms of government. I will characterize these problems in detail before I return back to the aforementioned passage.

Via Continental Philosophy


2 Responses

  1. What is Deuber-Mankowsky’s main point? I’m currently in the midst of writing my MA thesis on the nature of the sovereign and the political subject in Foucault and Agamben. I’m wondering if Deuber-Mankowsky might have anything useful.

  2. Read it yourself: it’s only 27 pages and is fully available, it seems. I notice the translators (the article was originally in German) have kept references to German translations of Foucault’s work, which is irritating when most of it seems to be available in English too.
    But in general, Telos tends to publish good stuff. I’m gonna take a look.

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