Using Deleuze as a guide to reading Foucault

This blog outlines the experiences of two people who presented a seminar on reading Foucault. It could be very useful if you are thinking of doing something similar. They present their methods, and some key quotes and ideas, especially from Deleuze.

Of course I appreciate the quote, well known in some circles, where Deleuze calls Foucault a cartographer!

One Response

  1. I’ve just started a deleuzecanada blot, my interests being more in areas of literary theory/criticism.

    Perhaps you can suggest other bloggers with a specialized interest in Deleuze, for which I’d be very grateful. I’ll gladly follow your Foucault blog, looking for interesting Foucault/Deleuze discussion points.

    Please drop by or feel free, as invited contributor, to post your own Foucauldian ideas.

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