Foucault Derangement Syndrome (FDS)

Foucault’s Minions picks up an instance of Foucault Derangement Syndrome (FDS):

The influential French philosopher Michel Foucault [who] taught a whole generation to distrust authority, even when it appeared to be attempting to protect the weak from attack, or protecting the vulnerable from themselves.

This belief that all authority is dangerous has become one of the central doctrines of our times – with deeply problematic consequences.

Thus A.N. Wilson in a piece called “Rebels without a Clue.”

(For the uninitiated, FDS is a sly reference to Bush Derangement Syndrome, a phrase often bandied by neocon bloggers about people who get irritated by Bush. So at last Bushies have done something useful in giving us a term for all those pearl-clutchers who see Foucault behind every idea they don’t understand. You kids get off my lawn!)


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