Foucault across the disciplines conference audio online

Earlier this year a conference on “Foucault across the disciplines” was held at Santa Cruz. Speakers included a pretty stellar cast of Foucault specialists and others who have drawn significantly on Foucault’s work including Ian Hacking, Paul Rabinow, Jana Sawicki, Arnold Davidson, and Donna Haraway working across a range of topics.

Here is the conference schedule with titles of presentations. Luckily for those who were unable to attend audio recordings are now available.

Program & Schedule

Saturday March 1
9:30-9:45: Introduction and Welcome
Colin Koopman, Conference Welcome
David Hoy, “Introduction: Foucault, Twenty-Five Years Later”

9:45-11:30: Panel: Foucault, Science, Media
Karen Barad, “Discontinuities, Phase Transitions, & Power Dynamics: When micro-physics goes nano”
Mark Poster, “Foucault, Deleuze, and New Media”
Donna Haraway, moderator

11:45-1:00: Address
Paul Rabinow, “Untimely & Inconsiderate Observations: Toward an Anthropology of Concepts, Practices and Venues”
James Clifford, moderator

1:00-2:00: Lunch Break

2:00-4:15: Panel: Foucault, Power, Politics
Hans Sluga, “Politics as Power Acting on Power”
Mark Bevir, “Anti-Foundational Approaches to Political Science”
James Ferguson, “Toward a Left Art of Government: From ‘Foucauldian Critique’ to Foucauldian Politics”
Vanita Seth, moderator

4:30-5:45: Address
Arnold Davidson, “In Praise of Counter-Conduct”
Teresa De Lauretis, moderator

Sunday March 2
9:30-11:15: Panel: Foucault, Discourse, Body
Mark Franko, “Archeological Choreographic Practices”
Hayden White, “Foucault Historian?”
Tyrus Miller, moderator

11:30-1:15: Panel: Foucault, Visuality, Truth
Catherine Soussloff, “Foucault and the Point of Painting”
Martin Jay, “Visual Parrhesia? Foucault and the Truth of the Gaze”
David Hoy, moderator

1:15-2:15: Lunch Break

2:15-3:45: Panel: Foucault, Subjectivity, Ethics
Jana Sawicki, “Foucault and Sexual Freedom: Why Embrace an Ethics of Pleasure?”
Amy Allen, “The Politics of Our Selves”
Carla Freccero, moderator

4:00-5:30: Address
Ian Hacking, “Déraison”
Paul Roth, moderator

(via Colin Koopman who organized the conference)


2 Responses

  1. The links seem to be down .. . . 😦

  2. Apologies to any who met with bandwidth restrictions at our previous host. The files are now up on a UCSC server and should be very stable. (Btw, am posting this here in case anyone subscribed to comment rss for this post.)

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