On DVD: I, Pierre Riviere…

DVD of the 1976 film I, Pierre Riviere… is available, details here. Not sure if this is a new DVD release but looks like it. Region 0, comes with a featurette.

Full text of Foucault’s foreword to I, Pierre Riviere… is here.

From the review:

The film is slow moving, particularly at the beginning, and the occasional awkwardness of the staging in the early parts may make some viewers impatient. But it acquires a cumulative power and, largely through Claude Hebert’s performance, becomes hard to forget. There is a refusal to label Pierre as one thing or another. Was he a psychopath? Mentally alienated? A religious maniac? Perhaps he was just a misogynist who hated seeing women gain the upper hand. The film flirts with all these explanations – through a variety of other voices – but never comes down on one side or the other and the explanations given by the scientists are curiously unsatisfying, as if one man’s mind defies simple analysis. The ending, even though it is unsurprising, is genuinely moving and the complexity of the film means that it stays with you – haunting, provoking – long after the final credits.

Update: There is a Youtube clip from a stage performance, with details at this site and a short review at the Hertfordshire Mercury (UK)…


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  1. Have you seen the Moi Pierre Rivière video on youtube? It’s profound.

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