New book: Foucault beyond Foucault

A new book, Foucault beyond Foucault, has been published by Jeffrey Nealon from Stanford University Press.

Here is the blurb:

In Foucault Beyond Foucault Jeffrey Nealon argues that critics have too hastily abandoned Foucault’s mid-career reflections on power, and offers a revisionist reading of the philosopher’s middle and later works. Retracing power’s “intensification” in Foucault, Nealon argues that forms of political power remain central to Foucault’s concerns. He allows us to reread Foucault’s own conceptual itinerary and, more importantly, to think about how we might respond to the mutations of power that have taken place since the philosopher’s death in 1984. In this, the book stages an overdue encounter between Foucault and post-Marxist economic history.


5 Responses

  1. sounds interesting. now if only there were a pdf out there somewhere….

  2. where is this available? I’m not seeing it on amazon. great blog by the way, I’ll add you to my blogroll (all my 7 readers will see it, ha)

  3. ack, nevermind – scratch that – I found it.

  4. Nealon’s book is very good.

    His book on Derrida was described by someone on my blog as 95% in agreement but he had to issue with the 5%.

    May’s review of Nealon’s book seems to very similar in this regard.

  5. Obviously very late, and I came here by way of the Search function, but I will take a look at this…”how we might respond to the mutations of power that have taken place”…very intriguing. Global capital does not just change the old Althusserian apparatuses which Foucault delineated in their ‘species’ forms (the school, the prison, the asylum etc.), but transmutates them, while at the same time generating new ones (the global NGO, the ‘rogue state,’ the terrorist cell).
    Thank you for the recommendation.

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