New book: gouvernement de soi et des autres


The new set of lectures have now been published and observed “in the wild” (not just announced on bookstore websites).

Stuart Elden writes in Foucault-L:

I now have a copy of the most recently published Foucault lecture course, Le gouvernement de soi et des autres (Paris: Seuil/Gallimard, 2008).

It’s the course from the 1982-1983 academic year, lectures given 5th January-9th March 1983, two lectures on a single day once a week. Much of the course looks familiar – the course begins with some theoretical reflections and then discusses Kant’s ‘What is Enlightenment?’, and then moves to an extensive discussion of parrhesia.

The lectures transcribed into the English Fearless Speech book were given later that year at Berkeley, so there is a lot of overlap. The discussion of Euripides, in particular, appears in both ‘books’.

Nonetheless, this is a much more extensive treatment (382pp). From a quick look there is a lot more on Kant that goes beyond the single text; the discussion of Plato’s Gorgias is quite detailed, plus material on the letters; there is quite a bit on Greek historians. Some material is close to the second volume of the History of Sexuality.

This is a course for which Foucault did not write his own course summary (which are usually in Resume des cours, and translated in the first volume of ‘The Essential Works’). The theme was continued in the 1983-84 academic year. There is no mention in the book of the ‘tome 1’ that it was originally listed as on websites.

I may write something more extensive on this when I’ve had a chance to look at it in more detail: but I hope these initial observations are of some interest.

Stuart has written a nice review article about pretty much every lecture course so far.


2 Responses

  1. is a list of the complete lectures available anywhere?! as far as I can see:

    73-74: psychiatry
    74-75: abnormal
    75-76: defense of society

    76-77: sabbatical

    77-78: governmentality I
    78-79: governmentality II
    79-80: ???
    80-81: ??
    81-82: hermeneutic of the subject
    82-83: le gouvernement de soi et des autres I
    83-84: le gouvernement de soi et des autres II (?)

    I’d be very thankful if anybody could provide some information about the topics of the missing two years.

  2. Many listing are available but try this one from Wikipedia.

    The book Essential Foucault (Vol 1) also has the translations of his lecture summaries in English.

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