No on identity, yes on LBG

Given that no anthropologists seemed interested in this (nothing here or on Savage Minds I could find) perhaps it’s just as well that ENDA-T was pulled.

ENDA-LBG passed the House yesterday (and included a speech by John Lewis who represents the district in which I live, though their map is wrong I believe due to recent redistricting in Georgia).

Here’s Barney Frank speaking against the motion to kill the bill. What’s unusual is that he speaks personally and his strength of feeling is met with a standing ovation. The House is not usually so emotional:


3 Responses

  1. I think the anthropologists are interested. The list-serv at SOLGA (Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthros) has been a war zone over the past week. They’re discussing “inclusion” in the organization, and the rhetoric–and insults–have been quite similar to that which has been surrounding the trans and non-trans inclusive ENDA.

  2. […] Kongresssitzung war auch schon, und ENDA wurde ohne die Berücksichtigung von gender identity verabschiedet. Ich glaube, es wäre lohnenswert, sich diese Debatte auch noch mal genauer anzusehen: Was waren […]

  3. “perhaps it’s just as well that ENDA-T was pulled.”

    Not really, Congressman Frank as the subsequent half-decade has shown, has been the most effective obstructionist of trans rights in Congress since Orin Hatch. What happened in 2007 was the silencing of a large and growing community, numbering near 1.5 million today in the US alone.

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