Three syllables

It’s been a while so here we go:

A generation of humanities majors has made it through university not understanding more than a few sentences of Foucault or Jameson, but knowing that that’s the way galactic titans in the academy write.


This is by “Ottawa Citizen” writing in Saskatchewan’s Leader-Post.

…cultural theorists Michel Foucault and Frederic Jameson, who wrote whole books of sentences averaging 40 and 50 words and more, a huge proportion of those words having more than three syllables.

(I did notice some words of 3 or more syllables in OW’s piece, including the word “syllable” so maybe we shouldn’t clutch our pearls just yet.)


One Response

  1. Gosh. He should really read some Deleuze.

    Personally, I find Foucault far the most lucid of the twentieth century philosophers I’ve read. Perhaps second only to Wittgenstein in his ability to clear my head out.

    It’s a good point though: I find my writing style gets much better if I’m currently reading good authors. Always good to read a bit of Foucault before starting to write. Perhaps not in the original…

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