As the author of a popular Foucault blog can I just say that I found the following to be totally offensive. Does this author really think that Britney Spears is talking about Foucault’s Discipline and Punish? I mean there is simply no comparison at all. Well, OK they did both shave their heads but that’s it!!

I also do not recommend rushing out to buy Leila Johnston’s book (if that is really her name) as a stocking stuffer for Christmas or watching any of the wickedly funny videos on her site.

Britney and Foucault

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and it’s made me really wish I knew more about Foucault. I know enough about Britney, I think. Please feel free to add elaborating comments, we can build a great theory together! Maybe.


I need time (time)
Love (love)
Joy (joy)
I need space
I need me

Say hello to the girl that I am!
You’re gonna have to see through my perspective

Could be interpreted in the light of Foucault’s work on surveillance in Discipline and Punish, and his ideas about the panoptic society in particular.

If it wasn’t for the useful pull-out color chart for sorting tea there would be no point to this book at all. (con’t pg. 94)


One Response

  1. i think perhaps the author as function is using foucault as function in the wrong manner – for surely “oops I did it again” is but that eternal recurrence of reflexive inisght that foucault might well call subjectivation, and what is “hitme baby one more time” but a call to acts of pleasure, over and over, decimating the modern subject and its centrality of the sexualised self, and ordering the body into something other than docile?

    /cultural studies buffy studies balony bullshit now.

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