The Biopolitical Justification for Geosurveillance

My new article The Biopolitical Justification for Geosurveillance is about to come out in the Geographical Review.

Here’s the abstract and an image of the first page:

Abstract. Biopolitical use of geosurveillance can create and sustain a politics of fear. Although the majority of surveillance literature focuses on individuals, in this article I focus on groups and populations, drawing on Michel Foucault’s analysis of biopolitics. After discussing the forms and history of geosurveillance I argue that three particularly important factors contribute to this politics: divisions, geospatial technologies, and the risk-based society. In order to combat the negative unintended consequences of these factors I suggest that more attention be paid to the mutual relationships between geospatial technology and politics, rather than on assessments of the value of individual surveillant technologies.
Keywords: biopolitics, fear, geosurveillance, 9/11.



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