Documentary on Zimbabwe, power and Mugabe

If you’re in the London area tonight check out this documentary. The director Shrenik Rao writes:

“Once upon a time, in Africa, in a land called Rhodesia, there was a man. He was a humble teacher. He seemed to be full of ideas and ideals. He seemed to have dedicated to his life for a cause – a cause larger than his own – that of liberation, freedom and Independence from an oppressive regime which denied them their denied them their basic dignity, freedom and rights. And so, he was respected and revered by one and many as an able, honest leader who would liberate them from oppression, and restore their dignity and rights. The man was none other than Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Twenty-seven years after independence, we hear a similar story. But, this time, the stories of oppression and humiliation are about the same person –Robert Mugabe. Perceptions had changed considerably.  Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, was once the darling of the world is now being considered a despot. A man who was once called a ‘Liberator’ is now being called a ‘Dictator’. A man who is the ‘President’ of a country is being called a ‘Tyrant’.  He who claims to be the ’sovereign’ is being called a ’surrogate’ and has emerged to be one of the most controversial African leaders in the world.

The enigmatic French philosopher Michel Foucault once famously articulated that ‘Power produces resistance to itself’.  In Robert Mugabe’s case, has Power produced resistance to itself? I wondered. 


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