AAG switches from Blackwell to Routledge

In this month’s AAG Newsletter [sorry no link as it is behind a membership wall!], Executive Director Doug Richardson announced that the AAG journals would be switching from Blackwell to Routledge, a division of Taylor and Francis.

If you have been following the absolute furore over the way the AAA (American Association of Anthropologists) handled a recent contractual arrangement with Wiley-Blackwell, you might wonder if the same will happen in geography. Many of the same criticisms could be leveled:  lack of transparency, accountability for the finances, etc.

And why does one organization think Blackwell is just great, while the AAG does not? For example:

Members of the Executive Board saw Wiley-Blackwell’s stellar reputation for creative partnerships with learned societies, its substantial investment in innovative technology and its world-wide network of offices as providing AAA with the greatest potential to propel AnthroSouce to the cutting edge of digital publishing and expand the readership of AAA’s publications and the dissemination of anthropological research to critical new international audiences.

If it’s so stellar why has AAG dropped them? The AAG announcement says that there were four companies who submitted proposals–was Blackwell one of them? How many were sent out? The AAA sent out nine and got back six.

I am confused! Personally I like and deal with both Blackwell and Routledge but see them as roughly the same.

PS to AAG: you’ll never increase membership if the Newsletter and jobs are members only.


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