Saturday photo blogging

The new “digital” stained glass window in the Cologne cathedral by Gerhard Richter:

Richter had an exhibition at the museum of modern art next to the cathedral:

I’m glad I saw this when I was over there (both pics are my own, so apologies for amateurishness). It had only been installed for a couple of weeks.

Wired covered the story earlier this year:

The Cologne window is made of 11,500 four-inch ” pixels” cut from original antique glass in a total of 72 colors. Why not 4,096? Turns out there are stained glass-smart colors, too. Some hues in Richter’s initial design were either historically inaccurate or too pale — they would have outshone the squares around them. So the artist modified his palette to include only colors with a suitably archaic cast.

Richter has long been interested in these color mosaics:


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  1. I would like to be contacted to ask permission for the publishing of the first Richter stained glass in a review of architecture.

    Thnak you and best regards,


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