When popular culture confirms anthropology!

I haven’t said anything about the case of Senator Larry Craig, but I think this Salon article has it right concerning sexual orientation. You can be MSM without being “gay.” I’m not an anthropologist but surely they have right: the binary categories of sexuality are inadequate.

I used to live in Midtown Atlanta, which had been known since the 1960s for prostitution and gay prostitution, since much in decline. Yet you could still see cars pulling up, driven by men, probably from the suburbs, many I’m sure with families. And the men would pick up male prostitutes for sex, returning some time later. But hey, they weren’t gay:

When Idaho Sen. Larry Craig says, “I’m not gay,” I believe him. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t cruising for sex last June when he was arrested in a bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on charges of disorderly conduct. Surely any homosexual worth his capri pants saw the loopholes in Craig’s televised declaration of non-gayness, amplified by the presence of his wife. Even some straight folks, wised up after the scandals of Ted Haggard and Mark Foley, must have noted that Craig did not add a qualifying phrase like, “Nor am I bisexual,” “I’ve never had sex with a man” or even one of those oldies but goodies like, “Doing what I did doesn’t make you gay,” “I was so drunk!” or “I’m only queer for some guys.”


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  1. Hi, this is what I was looking for, some weeks already. I only had to type Foucault Blog! Great!

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