Update on police spy drones

Last May I noted that the UK police were planning on implementing a remote control spy drone that can hover over crowds and perform unobtrusive surveillance.

The BBC is now carrying a story describing one of their first uses:

A remote control “spy helicopter” has been helping police patrol a major music festival.

Staffordshire Police have been using the CCTV drone for the first time at the V Festival site this weekend.

. . . . . .

Police said they expected to use the technology at future big events.

Ch Insp Pete Owen said: “We are delighted to be trialling the drone.

“It will work in addition to the CCTV that we will monitor on site throughout the festival.

“Our message to criminals is that we will be watching you and you will be arrested if you are caught on camera.”

This is classic police-speak. Since of course you don’t know who is a criminal beforehand, you have to watch everyone. So policing moves from punishing the convicted to treating everybody as potentially criminal: as dangerous (see, inter alia, Foucault “The Dangerous Individual” DE 220).


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