Concordance for Dits et ecrits

Dits et Écrits came out in two versions: an initial 4-volume set and a later 2-volume set. The initial version is no longer in print.

The trouble is that people giving only page numbers from the initial version will not match up. So if you buy the 2-volume set and only have page numbers you have to do a lot of work to find the reference. Added to that, some sloppy writers do not give the title of the piece leading to a lot of guesswork.

The solution of course is always to give the DE number (as this blog does) which remains consistent between 2 and 4-volume versions.

Failing that best practice, Foucault-l has produced a workaround: a page concordance for converting between sets.

Here are formulae for working out the page numbers of one edition from the other – the Roman numerals represent the 4-vol edition, and the Arabic ones the 2-vol:

DEI + 28 = DE1

DEII + 868 = DE1


DEIV + 819 = DE2


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